In agreement with the company Oasys (Arup), Lift is pleased to announce the launch of a joint awareness campaign describing the advantages of the optimization procedure performed in partnership with ESTECO S.p.A. in the field of pedestrian dynamics management.

The pedestrian simulation software Oasys MassMotion enables practitioners to increase the effectiveness of their transport projects thanks to a reliable simulation of pedestrian flows within a variety of contexts, like railway stations, airport terminals, stadia, shopping centers and office buildings. Such tool provides useful insights also in case of evacuation simulations, allowing to test the performances of different scenarios under emergency conditions.

Driven by Lift expertise in the transport sector and by the great capabilities of ESTECO’s optimization technology modeFRONTIER, Oasys MassMotion has been used to optimally size walking spaces a railway station node in Rome characterized by high volumes of arriving, departing and interchanging pedestrian flows. Automated parallel computing permitted to search for optimal trade-off solutions which maximize pedestrian flows and concurrently minimize the walking environment surface, while guaranteeing an adequate level of service of the two analysed transit components.

Social posts illustrating details of the performed activities will be daily released throughout one week starting from w/c October 17th on Oasys’ and ESTECO’s XXX LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.