When experience translates
into innovation.

Improving system performances
leads to enhanced life quality.

Train traffic punctuality, resilient mobility planning, improved pedestrian facilities for specific needs are examples of how innovation can lead to an efficient management of time and costs and, consequently, to an improvement of citizens’ life quality.

Our innovative working approach develops in Italy and then reaches international contexts. Thanks to a 15-year experience in railway traffic and mobility management, we are now acknowledged as referenced and reliable partners at global level.

From Italy to North Africa, Europe, South America, and Australia, our expertise has assisted transport companies and Public Administrations in planning infrastructure, operations and services.

Our projects involve 28 countries with more than 100 solutions addressing freight and passenger transport issues related to different modes.

Italy, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Norway, UK, Belgium, Slovenia, Russia

Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia

South America
Chile, Argentina, Perù, Brasil, Venezuela, Uruguay

Middle East
Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, UAE


For LIFT, operating at international level is the result of our innovative capabilities deriving from high-quality education and collaborations with experts, which allow us to solve problems with an analytical and practical mindset.

Our Clients:

Managing mobility, managing innovation.
Reliable and specialised solutions to innovate transport planning, traffic flow management and to improve the system performances.
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