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Sidra Intersection

SIDRA INTERSECTION is a software enabling to analytically perform the design and evaluation of both individual intersections and networks of intersections at microscopic level.

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The online editor Cardanit is also developed and owned by the company ESTECO SpA; for more details and information, please see www.cardanit.com

Using a standardized modelling language, Cardanit enables the creation of expressive flowcharts to graphically represent business processes and it can be interfaced with discrete-event simulation tools.

Other than transferring the modeFRONTIER’s optimization approach to the transport field, the collaboration between Lift and ESTECO encompasses the adoption of Cardanit for applications in the same sector: a significant reference is constituted by the latest project carried out in partnership with the Port of Trieste.

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PTV Visum

PTV Visum is the worldwide leading traffic planning software which enables to carry out holistic analyses of traffic conditions by considering different mobility systems and embedding even advanced demand models. Such GIS-based tool allows the creation of “what-if” scenarios to support decision makers and, thus, to limit stakeholders’ investment risk.

For more details and information, please see www.ptvgroup.com

Open Track

OpenTrack began in the mid-1990s as a research project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Today, the railway simulation tool OpenTrack is a well-established railway planning software and it is used by railways, the railway supply industry, consultancies and universities in different countries.

For more details and information see www.opentrack.ch

LIFT is power user of OpenTrack since 2007 and is reseller of this tool.

Mode Frontier

modeFRONTIER is an optimization software developed by the company ESTECO SpA, which owns its property and marketing rights; for more details and information, please see engineering.esteco.com/modefrontier

This tool has been already used for a wide variety of applications, even at global level.

The collaboration between Lift and ESTECO aims at introducing and promoting the great potential of modeFRONTIER in the transport sector.

TOS - Traffic Interactive System

TOS is a tool for traffic signal planning and optimization.
It performs also LOS evaluation for signalized intersections and helps the planner in the design of “green-waves”.

It has been developed by CSIAT (partner of LIFT) and LIFT is reseller.
LIFT offers training, support and consulting while using this tool.

For more details and information ask us at info@liftlab.it

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