Partnerships are the right mindset
to maximize results.

“Technical training should not serve to consolidate
a consumer mentality, but to cultivate
collaborative approaches” Guru Madhavan

Lift collaborates with a network of partners and professionals to offer a broad range of services and solutions. We believe professional network represents a fundamental aspect of our work, a growth process enabling the development of great knowledge and products through the exchange of expertise.

Our most recent partnership is with the company ESTECO S.p.A. and it aims at adopting optimization methods and tools in the transport sector. The cooperation undertaken with the company Mode Finance has been dedicated to the realization of a new tool for the assessment and scoring of new projects.

Lift also offers consultancy in designing and planning transport services, especially with regard to railway traffic, both for public and private entities and it participates to research and development projects in those fields.

Besides, Lift organizes advanced training courses addressed mainly to Public Administration members and private companies operating in transport service planning.

Lift and ESTECO
A strategic partnership.

FROM 2016

New stimuli for innovation.
Strategic collaborations derive from a common vision.

Lift and the University of Trieste, thoughts find their application.

FROM 2007

Education defines the quality of thinking, a long-lasting collaboration with the University of Trieste to put the academic method into practice.

Lift and Suite 23.

FROM 2019

The optimization of evaluation techniques.

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From experience to innovation

Managing mobility, managing innovation.
Reliable and specialised solutions to innovate transport planning, traffic flow management and to improve the system performances.
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