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Area Science Park, University, Research.
Innovation is part of our territory
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Lift was created to apply the results of academic research on the field, and it has developed independently thanks to its focus on innovation. Ranging from urban mobility to freight transport, Lift implements the outcomes of the latest scientific studies to improve the performances of transport systems, concentrating the attention on issues related to railway operations, pedestrian dynamics and road traffic planning.

Our offices are located in the Area Science Park campus, a technological hub in Trieste involving the most innovative companies in the scientific and technological Italian context. The campus offers a diversified and dynamic environment with young and creative minds, boosting the development of ideas and technologies for the future.


We create solutions to
improve your systems


Designing and planning railway operations considering complex interactions among infrastructural features, signaling, rolling stock and timetable.

Process optimization

A methodology integrating simulation models with optimization tools to identify the best strategies to solve complex transportation engineering problems.

People flows

Analysis and development of projects aimed at improving the management of pedestrian flows for a more efficient mobility, thanks to tracking and simulation activities also inside buildings.


Transport planning solutions referred to both international freight traffic and urban mobility, including the microscopic design of traffic light networks.


The evaluation of plans or projects and the ranking of alternative measures are crucial in decision-making processes. Our innovative approach is based on the most recent scientific outcomes thanks to our academic mindset.

Managing mobility, managing innovation.
Reliable and specialised solutions to innovate transport planning, traffic flow management and to improve the system performances.
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